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“In- Windows” is a photographic project which, as the name itself embodies, focuses on windows.
Windows are usually designed to look out of them. A window opened to the world outside….
I live surrounded by Windows and it is from the inside that today I present this video film.

But from my Project point of view, the lens of my camera doesn’t intend to capture the outside world, the open world, but just the opposite. The intention is to look inside through the windows from the outside.

Windows can be seen as the limit between what is considered to be public and what is private. They show many different things depending on the sort of person who owns them. And it is the direction of the glance that allows me to make an atypical and curious portrayal of the different kinds of windows and, consequently of the different kinds of people who live behind them.

Iceland – Berlin

Presented in the Sarajevo Winter Festival 2012


© Irene Coll . Todos los derechos reservados.

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