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As a video art artist who likes to explore emotions and the human experience through his work. My passion lies in using found images and questioning cinematographic devices to create a unique visual language that captures the essence of our way of narrating and reinterpreting reality.

Found footage is an important element of my art as it allows me to use existing images to create new meanings and connections. By recontextualizing the images, I aim to create a sense of shared experience and understanding that transcends individual perspectives.

I also enjoy experimenting with cinematic devices, such as glitches, scratches, visual artifacts and rejected footage, to create a sense of nostalgia and timelessness in my work. These techniques allow me to convey the fragility and impermanence of the human experience, while emphasizing the beauty and resilience that lies within.

My goal as a video artist is to create work that moves people on a deep emotional level, while challenging them to question their own perspectives and beliefs. I believe that through the power of art, we can come together as a community and connect with each other in a meaningful way.

My short films have participated in international festivals such as:

  • FIPA festival (France)
  • P’SILO Festival Images Contre Nature (France)
  • The festival Tous Courts (France)
  • CPM Filmfest (Belarus)
  • MEMORIMAGE (Spain)
  • OFF LOOP Barcelona (Spain)
  • Sarajevo Winter Festival (B&H)
  • NE Fest 2 (Bulgaria)
  • Experiments in Cinema ( USA )
  • WISFF 2014. Sydney (Australia)
  • L.A. Film Forum (USA)
  • WALTHAMSTOW International Film Festival (UK) and many others

And in collective exhibitions such as:

  • En el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Chile (MAC). Collective Art exhibition”Sobreexposición”.
  • Centre d’Art Santa Mónica de Barcelona. Collective Art exhibition “VideoCapsa”.

Being screened in countries like: USA, UK, France, Australia, Germany, Belarus, Bulgaria, Spain, Serbia, Cuba, Chile, or B&H.



Where does our gaze go? and what is what we try to hide?
The video uses old public domain images to generate new narratives. The camera lens captures several instant glances of children staring at the camera device, while the city maintains the frantic pace and adults escape of the camera.
Most of the images we see here are recorded by cameraman Ivan Besse. All footage is from Prelinger Archives.
Created by Irene



Cuando una niña o niño se descubre y se reconoce en un espejo por primera vez, se da cuenta que tiene una apariencia externa, su propia imagen.
Lo mismo le pasará a la cámara cinematográfica cuando se encuentre delante de una mirada inesperada, o curiosa. Se volverá un objeto visible y se encontrará ante su propia forma y verdad.
When a child discovers and recognizes himself in a mirror for the first time, he realizes that he has an external appearance, his own self image.
The same happens to a film camera when it is in front of an unexpected or curious look. It will become a visible object aware of its own shape and truth.
The invisibility of the filming device is revealed in this found-footage piece, where I intend to capture and study some of the different looks that cross inside a cinematic device.



TITULO: DESCARTADO (Rejected) 2011
Corto Found Footage
MÚSICA: Ariana Bofill, Xavier Zarco”DESCARTADO”
El viaje hacia el encuentro de una imagen. Una imagen procedente de los descartes de otras películas, de momentos desechados, momentos en que a priori no aparece nada. Pero en los que fotograma a fotograma puede llegar a esconderse un verdadero momento decisivo…“REJECTED”
The journey to search for an image. An image from the discards of the films, is currently not accurate, rejected a priori moments when nothing appears. But in that frame by frame can develop into a real turning point.




The images belong to astronaut testing program and to the arrival of man to the moon for the first time.

All footage is from public domain



  • Asleep 2020
  • “Under the summer” 2020
  • “Before the film begins” 2020
  • “Mantenme fuera de tu mirada” (Keep me out of your gaze) 2013
  • “In-Windows” 2012
  • “Anhel” 2012
  • “Descartado” (Rejected) 2011
  • “Twenty-five Second Film” 2010

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